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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tell your kids sport's coaches about us!

We hope everyone had a great day with their families yesterday. One of the sections of this blog is the coaches corner. It has specials for many sports and all others are available by calling us. If you have ever looked closely at the trophies your kids have won you will find they vary in quality (due to budgets) but also something else. Many are generic. They are not personalized with your child's name! They appear to have be given as an after thought. We custom make every plate with each person's name. We also, in many packages, provide a customized dog tag for the participant to wear. Hey, no one carries their trophies around with them! So tell the coaches in your world about us. Have them head over to or just give us a call. We will do quality, on time work for every customer.

Have a great day!

PS: Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th. Order something special now! He won't have anything like it and will not get the same gift as everyone else!

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