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Friday, April 29, 2011

Watercraft Numbers

We sell these in a variety of colors. Our turnaround is usually pretty quick for pick up. We can also mail to you and charge only what it costs us to do so. Sample fonts in the product pics. Colors available there as well. You can see copies of both North and South Carolina's posting requirement laws at the right. Give us a call if you need some. (You can use Pay Pal at the bottom of the home page to pay if that is convenient)

Below are the instructions to easily install your numbers in one piece.

When first opening your letters, you may notice that there are bubbles between the layers of the substrates, especially if they have been stored in a hot place. This is perfectly normal, and they will subside as the letters return to room temperature. Allow the letters to lay flat as they cool. They are ready to apply when they lay flat without any pressure.

1)    *  When applying your decals to your watercraft, work slowly and be patient!

2)   *   Carefully remove the white protective layer, making sure each part of each letter stays stuck to the translucent backing.

3)     * Line up your letters against your watercraft and working from one end to the other, press the letters and the backing onto the hull.

4)     * Smooth the letters onto the hull using a plastic putty knife or a credit card.

5)      *Try to get out as many bubbles as possible, however, stop short of tearing or stretching the vinyl to remove a bubble. Small air pockets will naturally work their way out over the next few days as the watercraft gets warm in the sun and cools at night.

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